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Cerakote Pricing

We have gone to great lengths to develop our pricing based on an algorithm of skill, application and time associated with each part of the Cerakoting process. While we have a majority of our pricing mapped, some koting jobs such as theme builds will not be shown as those are priced internally according to the complexity of the job. There are also cost factors such as disassembly/ reassembly of the firearm(s) and shipping (if applicable) that may vary depending on complexity of the firearm and your location within the U.S.A. Most firearms have a disassembly/ reassembly fee of $55, but some firearms can range as high as $100 due to time and complexity or as low as $25 if the job is as simple as a pistol slide. 

These pricing lists are for reference only so that you, our customer, can have some notion as to how much your desired Cerakote job will cost. We then ask that you fill out an order form requesting an exact quote for your desired Cerakote job and we will promptly reply with your total cost. If you are not quite ready to place an order and you have a few questions, send us an email or give us a call, 601-900-2055.


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